Lucky Supply – Grip Spacers


Grip Spacers

  • Cushions hand from Machine and Tube vibration making for less hand fatigue
  • Available in packs of 25
  • Comes in Black or Green


” I started using a homemade version of Grip Spacers a few years back to
add a little bit of comfort to the tattoo process. The function of the
Spacers is to fill the little space between the top of the tube grip and the
bottom of the tube vise. This allows a more restful hand position while
tattooing. This idea is certainly nothing new.. I’ve seen quite a number of
tattooers wrapping a paper towel strip around the back end of the tube to
fill the space. This does work but can turn into a bit of a pain in the ass
if you’re someone who does a high volume and sets up a lot of machines in a
day. Now Lucky’s is offering a pro version of this product which takes the
extra set-up time out of things. Just slip a disposable spacer over the back
end of the tube when you’re setting up a machine and you’re good to go! It’s
a small thing but it really has made tattooing much more comfortable for me.
Give ’em a try, I think you’ll like ’em!”
-Timothy Hoyer

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