Lucky MFG Acrylic Dual Power Supply


Lucky MFG Acrylic Dual Power Supply
Switch power between two machines instantly. Two 1/4″ Clip Cord outlets let you have two machines at the ready and power can be diverted from one to the other at the flip of a switch. LCD readout and 10 Turn Potentiometer lets you fine-tune your voltage settings.
10 Turn Potentiometer
LCD readout
Dual 1/4″ sockets for standard clip cord
One 1/8″ socket for footswitch.
Uses 15 volt 30 watt 2 amp power supply with Universal AC adapters for worldwide use.
Rocker Toggle Topside Switch
6-foot power cord with wall mounted power adapter
Magnetized so it can be applied to any magnetic metal surface.
The cushioned bottom will protect the table and supply surface from scratching.
Approximate dimensions (not including the knob) are 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.5″”
Made in the USA by Lucky Supply Mfg

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