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I AM INK – First Generation Pigments

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This color corresponds to the REACH guidelines, which apply from January 4th 2022 and will also be available after 2021.

SUMI #1 to #4 – the all-rounder. Based on the black standard TRUE PIGMENT BLACK, the constant shades of gray are suitable for fillings as well as linings and additionally bring along all the advantages of the big sisters. The sophisticated ratio of the gradations form a clear and meaningful portfolio of the highest quality shades of gray. Laborious reconstructing of the tones are superfluous by Sumi.
#5 Black Liner. Based on TRUE PIGMENT BLACK BLK LNR forms a perfectly coordinated formulation for Linings. The enormous color intensity of the base formulation enables a pigment-reduced version that reduces the risk of blowouts. This undesirable effect is caused by too deep stinging, false insertion angles, unfavorable skin tissue – and too quickly flowing or over-pigmented colors. We can not prevent blowouts – but minimize the pigment volume by one of four risk factors without losing color intensity.
#6 True Pigment. The foundation of the FIRST GENERATION. For the production of # 6 TRUE PIGMENT BLACK, a high-performance pigment – the only true black with the Color Index 77266 – is used, which gives this black an intensity that can not be surpassed so quickly. Thanks to its extreme color intensity, the pigment enables such a balanced formulation that TRUE PIGMENT BLACK skilfully combines the deepest black with minimal contamination in one color.
  • Content 50ml or 100ml
  • Vegan and free of acrylates
  • Made in Austria
  • With inspection window for content control



With the FIRST GENERATION, the I AM INK® presents a bridge between the incompatible. A color that combines the application requirements of artists with the highest pigment and raw material quality. The FIRST GENERATION is dedicated to the contrasts black and white, without which many things would not be possible in the world of tattooing. The choice of pigment gives the FIRST GENERATION a black that is almost completely light-absorbent and thus leaves a deep black color impression – without being contaminated with carcinogenic substances such as PAHs or AA’s. And a white, which reaches such a high optical density through the crystal structure that it almost matches the ideal white – without accepting excessive contamination by heavy metals. The advanced formulation already enables us to comply not only with the current ResAP2008_1 but also with the planned, very strict ECHA regulation.

A black – darker than the deepest abysses. A white – brighter than the most brilliant light.

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100ml, 50ml


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