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Lucky Supply Disposable Tubes – Diamond

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Lucky Supply Disposable Tattoo Tubes are available in Round, Angled Round, Diamond, and Magnum tips with a 1″ rubber grip


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Out of stock

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As tattooers, we are on a never ending quest to find the best possible tools that will give us optimum performance. We have learned in many cases that you can not judge a book by its cover and this theory falls true when it comes to our disposable tubes. We’ve studied, dissected and tested various tubes over the years and have discovered that these have out performed any others on the market today.

They are used by us daily and we find them to provide as follows :

  -maximum needle visibility

  -Optimized ink flow

  -A soft, yet firm grip for comfort, also assists in minimizing vibration

  -Stability and control, while being light in weight

  -quality plastic that will not contaminate lighter pigments that some metal or cheap plastic tubes often do

Sterilized Disposable Tube with Rubber Grip

  • Tube Dimensions: 4.25″ Length, .310″ OD, .25″ ID
  • 25 pcs per box (25 & 19 Super Mag: 12 pcs per box)
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