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Shagbuilt Tattoo Machines

Superior quality, handmade tattoo machines crafted in Arizona by Shagbuilt. Compatible with needle-on-bar & cartridges.

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“Many of the features of the machines I make today are directly due to conversations about theory and geometry my friends and I have shared. I have also learned a tremendous amount from the feedback given to me by my customers. I continue to learn from these sources and feel it drives me to build finer equipment all the time. I would like to take this time to thank anyone who has ever helped me grow as a machine builder, artist, or person. There are many choices of machine builders out there today and some of them build a great machine. Others use cheap parts and don’t have years of experience and quality craftsmanship to put into their work. Equipment is an investment, one that you should be able to use and make money with. So please, treat yourself right and do your homework, be patient and make good choices. Buy good equipment from reputable builders and get what you want, a good machine.”- Shag

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